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Tender for 2022 Exclusive Tyre Supplier




RDS GP 2022_Tyre Single Supplier Tender.pdf

The tendering procedure is initiated by Russian Drift Series LLC (hereafter “RDS”). The objective is to select an exclusive supplier of tyres whose task it will be to ensure the production and delivery of the tyres to RDS in the 2022 Russian Drift Series Grand Prix Championship (hereafter “the Championship”).
Interested parties are hereby invited to tender to become the single supplier of tyres to the competitors in the Championship by submitting a proposal.
RDS reserves the right to make amendments to this invitation to tender at any time and to issue a new invitation to tender.

The timeline of this tendering procedure is the following:
* Publication of invitation to tender: 29th of October 2021
* Expression of interest: 3rd of November 2021
* Tender submission date: 12th of November 2021
* Decision made / Order confirmation: 22nd of November 2021.        

The proposal should include the following information:
1. Manufacturer’s brand, legal name and address;
2. General company information
3. Proven track record of tyre supply to a motor sport championship or series.
4. Quotation in USD as per clause 3 of the Terms & Conditions herewith;
5. Proposed product specifications / product data sheets.
6. Product results (as available)

All proposals shall be submitted via email to Ms. Olga Poltavskaya at olga@rdsgp.com no later than 12th of November 2021.

Should you require any clarification, please contact Ms. Olga Poltavskaya at olga@rdsgp.com or via mobile +7 916 457 3320.

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